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Missing boy William Yau is found - May little William R.I.P.

Did you read the missing boy news?

We were having our usual family dinner on Sat, Jan 19 & my MIL asked me, "Did you read the news about the missing boy?". 

I raised my eyebrows as she continued, "The 6yrs old boy was left in the car with his 2 other siblings while his parents went shopping at an electrical appliance shop nearby.  When the parents came back, they did not realize the boy was not in the car & drove off.  When they realized their second son was not in the car, they quickly turned back to the electrical shop but failed to find their son.  He was missing already - must have been abducted by someone!  Where got such parents one?!!"  Sigh.

Main coverage in every local news

The missing boy's news quickly became the headlines in all local news.  He is 6 yrs old William Yau, second son of the parents of three.

It was said that the couple, aged 26 & 32 yrs old, have left their 3 children (7yrs old eldest son, William & one-year old daughter) locked in the car with windows down, while they went to an electrical shop at about few meters away to look for washing machine on Wed, Jan 16.

According to the eldest son who is also the only eye-witness of William's last whereabouts, their one-year old sister began crying not long after the parents have left the car.  Therefore, William decided to get out of the car to look for their parents.

Their parents came back 15minutes later & noticed William was missing.  

The search for William

Our police force diligently began the search for William Yau at several locations in and around Putra Heights where William went missing, with the help from MCA & Rela's volunteers & members of the public.  However,  nobody in the area has  seen William after he got down from the car.

William's parents claimed that William was clad in yellow t-shirt & has a scar on his head from earlier injury.  Aside to this piece of information, the search for William was almost clueless.  CCTV recordings obtained from the electrical shop & restaurant near the shop have no footage of William at all.

A RM20,000 reward has thus been offered to anyone with valid information on William's whereabouts but the search remains futile.  

The only new lead that ever emerged was the call from a woman claiming that she has seen a strange "foreign-looking woman" carrying a Chinese little boy who could have been William in Segambut Dalam.  It ended up as another wild goose chase for the police.

The mysterious disappearance of William has raised questions & concerns from Malaysians of all walks of life.  We are all alarmed & outraged by another missing child's case; Nurin's tragic death is still an open wound to many of us today.  

On Jan 23, a Netherlands-based IT company has put up another RM50,000 to increase the reward to RM70,000.  William's mysterious dissappearance has greatly affected our nation.  

William is found

The search for William finally come to an end on Jan 24 when two fishermen found a dead body floating near their boat in Port Klang's jetty.  

It was the dead body of a local boy about 6-7yrs old wearing yellow t-shirt with injury mark on the head.  Police could not tell whether it's an old or new head injury, but did not rule out the possibility that the dead body got hit  by boat while floating in the river. 

The body was highly decomposed & his eye-balls were even missing.  Based on the decomposition level, the boy was believed to have been dead in the water for a week before the body was found.  No child has been reported missing in that area.

Initial investigation revealed that the dead body has many old injuries; no new injuries have been found to suggest foul play.  The cause of the boy's death is still unknown & the case has been classified as "sudden death".  

William's parents have then been called to identify the dead body & the mother managed to recognize William's scar on the head, underwear & shorts.  

DNA test result this morning has also confirmed that the dead body was of  William's. Full post-mortem results will be out in 2 weeks time.

Mystery surround William's case

William's dead body was found 30km away from Putra Heights where William was claimed missing.  One of the highly speculated possibility on how William could have been flushed into Klang river in a week was through a storm drain in Kampung Bukit Lanchong which was just 3km away from where William was last seen.

While there were plenty of old injuries found on his dead body including fractured legs suggesting of long-term physical abuse, there were no new injuries found to suggest foul play of his death.

What are the chances that, 

i) William was abducted without struggle, killed without injuries & disposed into the river on the very same night he was reported missing?  
His level of decomposition has suggested that he was dead in the water for a week before his body was found.  William was reported missing in the evening of Jan 16 & his dead body was found in the evening of Jan 24.  If the prediction is right, William could have been dead on Jan 15, 16 or 17.

ii) Instead of finding his parents at the electrical shop which was just few meters away, William wandered off 3km away to Kampung Bukit Lanchong & accidentally fell into the storm drain that linked to Klang river, as speculated?
Residents in the village have claimed that it's impossible for William to enter the village without anyone seeing him.  And, if he indeed fell into the storm drain, his body would have been seen or caught by the fishermen as it is a popular fishing spot in the village.  Latest evidence this afternoon has also ruled out this possibility because log booms & waste traps have been installed along the river from the speculated point.  The body would have been caught up in the traps!

iii) In the evening of Jan 16, William's parents did not realize that he wasn't in the car & drove off.  They only realized that their second son was missing after 15 minutes of driving. 
How many parents would make such mistake esp when there's only 3 kids in the car?  Why did the eldest son of 7yrs old did not inform his parents earlier that William has left the car?

iv) There is basically no eye-witness & no CCTV footage catching William in Putra Heights on the day he went missing.  The only eye-witness is his brother of 7yrs old.
The car was parked just a few meters away from the electrical shop & it wasn't a quiet evening, BUT nobody & no CCTV recording in the area had actually seen William after he left the car?


i) William's grandparents & uncles finally spoke out after the dead body was found on Jan 24.  They suspected that William's case is not an ordinary missing child case.   They claimed that years ago when they saw William, William had clear scars on his hands, legs, forehead, eyes, butt and deep bruises too.

ii) Just few days before the dead body was found, an anonymous close friend of William's family has posted on Facebook saying that she believed William's missing is related to his family.  According to her, William has been abused over the years because the couple felt that William has brought bad luck to his father's business.  

iii) In contrary, neighbors of the family have claimed that the parents are good people & always watch over their children.

iv) (Update on Jan 29)  William's paternal grandmother has revealed that his son was abusive towards William in the past.  She had even witnessed him slamming William's head against the wall.
Grandmother not informed of the cremation - breakdown pleading to hug William for one last time

v) (Update on Jan 29)  A staff of On King electrical shop has claimed that the disappearance of William had created a scene at his shop on Jan 16.  His staffs & the public nearby immediately stopped their work to search for William, BUT William's dad was seen smoking beside his car without helping to look for his own son.  William's mom initially joined them in the search but not long after, she returned to sit inside her car.

Dear Malaysia police force & all parties involved, we are counting on you to find out the truth & return justice to William Yau.  

~May little William R.I.P.~

Credit to pictures from our local dailies.

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