Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Busy preparing for CNY

It has been 2 never-ending weeks since we started preparing for the upcoming CNY which falls on this Sunday, 10 Feb.

As exciting as many for the long festive break,  we were totally overjoyed with CNY shopping since weeks ago!  And in this entire week, my hubby & I were extremely worn-out with the spring cleaning of our nest :p  It's definitely very tiresome for my perfectionist hubby who always make it a dust-free home to welcome CNY :)

After all, CNY is never complete without shopping, cleaning & decorations!

The real Headache

The most important element of CNY celebration is no other than the Reunion Dinner on the eve.  This is the biggest event involving every family member from young to old, an all-in-the-family affair.

And, the real headache is having to decide what meal is best to be served for this special occasion!  It can range from just a simple dinner to a hassle-free takeaways or dine-out to a luxurious dinner together.

And trust me, it does not matter whichever range your Reunion Dinner falls in so long as everyone in your family take part & play their own role in making the dinner a success!  That's the beauty of it :)

Wishing all a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

I might not have time to make any new post from tomorrow onwards due to the busy CNY visitation culture.  In addition, my hubby & I would be traveling for Valentine's Day celebration :p

Therefore, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese readers A Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!  May the Year of the Snake brings everyone good health, good luck & much happiness throughout the year ;)

To the non-Chinese, Happy Holidays & have great fun!

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