Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Being pregnant & delivering my lil miracle..

Being pregnant, is something I never thought of even after marriage.  And yet, it's indeed one of the most beautiful journey in life for every married couple. 

39weeks of pregnancy

I'm truly lucky & thankful that despite all the horrifying stories we have often heard about, I have a very smooth pregnancy.  My only challenges were my borderline gestational diabetes & also the prominent stretchmarks on my big tummy since 37weeks.  Well, it's certainly something every lady would fear about but I'm living with the marks already!

And of course, being the paranoid me (+ after what I have been through), my hubby simply will never forget how I used to bug him every day & night to monitor my little one's heartbeats & kicks. Haha

Those were the days... Thank you to all of you who have been part of my pregnancy journey!  You all have made my days with all your invaluable advice, sharing, encouragements, tips, craps, bullshits & in whatever ways you have reached to me!  I won't forget all the privileges given by strangers at the toilets - thank you ladies!

And oh well, the biggest credit definitely goes to my extremely patient, loving & caring hubby as always!  Muacks !!!

When labour calls

It's still vividly clear in my mind.  I woke up that night around 2.30am with the urge to go toilet but nothing was released.  Then I went back to bed but couldn't sleep & had to go toilet again & again for a dreadful one to two hours.  I sensed something was not right & I knew it must be the time.  I looked at my hubby who was sleeping soundly & I decided to wait for more signs.  Not long later, I saw red spots & I jumped on my hubby to wake him up.  He gave me a deep look & asked, "Bb, shall we wait or?.. Ok no, let's get ready to the hospital".

It was 4.30am & we were ready - had our breakfast at home, final check on my hospital bag & I was busy climbing staircase to stimulate my contraction - it was regular & getting stronger.

In the car as we headed to the hospital, my hubby held on to my hands tightly & asked if I'm ready.  I wasn't sure what to think of that time.. but I knew we were both very very excited as we can't wait any longer to meet our little miracle :)

Waiting in labour room

We reached hospital around 6am & my hubby contacted everyone in our important list - parents, of course.  My vagina opening has dilated about 4cm at 7am with very consistent, rapid & strong contractions.  My gynae advised me to take epidural but I rejected the idea promptly (guess I was trying to act smart?).

My hubby stood by myside giving me all the moral support & reminding me of what we've learnt in the prenatal class - take a deep breath, hold it & blow 3 times loudly. Repeat over & over again.  He ended up getting scolding from me over & over again whenever I get to rest at every interval, LOL.

Oh please!  Trust me.  Forget about all that.  Just go for epidural & it makes your life (+ hubby's) so much easier! Everyone's contraction is different & if yours is rapid & strong, why do you wanna act like a superwoman?  Just opt for epidural & enjoy the waiting process.  I screamed for epidural by 11am, haha.

By 4pm, I had a mild fever & midwife checked my vagina opening.  The dilation was about 9cm & she contacted my gynae who was already on the way.  I looked at the midwives & nurses who were all very busy preparing the instruments & equipment.

My mind was totally blank at that time... This is it !!

The battle - Push, Push & Push

My gynae arrived shortly & gave me a big thumb up.  She then behaved in her casual self as she began working with her team of 2-3 midwives on my normal delivery.  It was a very casual yet spiritual & lively atmosphere in the labour room.  I wasn't thinking at all other than entrusting everything onto my gynae & her team.

My hubby?  Well, he was anxiously pinching my arms & thighs everytime when I was busy pushing, pushing & pushing!  And he kept yelling at me when he saw our baby's hair coming out. 

Yes, we will never never forget every moment during the battle with the dedicated team.  Thank you for everything, Dr. Yap! (yes, including how you've threatened to use vacuum if I still don't push out my lil boy by 5pm! hehe)

Hello lil Adrian !

At 5.02pm, our lil miracle was borned - he was crying aloud as he made his entrance into our world & pooping at the very same time, naughty lil boy! Hehe  My hubby was stunned in amazement until my gynae had to call him a few times to get back to his senses & cut the umbilical cord for us, LOL.

And at the very next moment, I was already embracing our lil prince & latching him on.  My hubby was gazing at our lil prince all the time - it feels like dream comes true for both of us....  It was just too beautiful!

Lil Adrian will always be our biggest blessing in life!

Monday, April 21, 2014

South Korean ferry tragic disaster - Who to be blamed?

The death toll rises to 61 today with almost 240 people, most of them high school students, are still missing.  As my hubby & I discussed over this tragic disaster, I can't help but feeling emotionally disturbed.

And I questioned like many others,
Should ferry Captain Lee Joon Seok was in the steering room during the time of the accident, could the accident possibly be prevented?

And had the captain requested all the passengers to evacuate the ferry instead of staying put inside the ship, would the survival rates be improved tremendously?

What if Deputy Headmaster Mr. Kang had not insisted on the school trip?  Had the accident involving about 300 high school students' lives would not have taken place?

While authorities are still busy pointing fingers & grieving families are still desperately looking for signs & hopes out of the slim chance...  The captain has been charged with abandoning his boat, negligence, causing bodily injury, not seeking rescue from other ships and violating "seamen's law.  Surprisingly, the captain did not feel at wrong & had defended his decision to-date.

And Mr. Kang who was rescued together with 75 students had chosen to end his own life with a note saying that "Surviving alone is too painful while 200 remain unaccounted for.  I take full responsibility. I pushed ahead with the school trip"  In fact, he was under heavy pressure from the day being rescued & could not possibly cope with it.

Well personally, what I deem unforgivable is the captain's instruction to have requested all the passengers to stay put in the deck while he abandoned the capsized ship with his crews & was among the earliest to be rescued...

Dear captain, it is so disturbing seeing you as the sea captain & you have in fact abandoned your sinking vessel with all the passengers as you escaped with your crews.  While nobody has hoped that you fulfilled your oath as the captain who goes down with the ship, you should have at least informed the passengers of the real danger & guided them on the escape route.  You have failed all their trust & respect in you as the captain.  And most of them will never get a second chance to learn to defy a sea captain's instruction anymore.  Your selfishness have cost over 200 lives!

Dear Deputy Headmaster, while it is understandable that you have been under heavy pressure & are not able to live with the unbearable guilt, please do "RIP".  To many including me, it was never your fault to begin with.  It was a tragic accident that has been handled very poorly from the start by the authorities.

If only & if only.............

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Malaysians must not forget!

Hi Malaysians,

How many of us still remember Chee Gaik Yap - the rape victim of a brutal murder in Sungai Petani? 

Now, please allow me to help refresh your memory...


On Jan 16, 25 yrs old Chee Gaik Yap went jogging in the neighborhood with her sister & little did she know that she would end up being abducted, raped & brutally murdered in a fine evening.

The suspect , Shahril Jaafar, 31 yrs old was among several individuals rounded up for investigations on Mar 1. 

Shahril is the son of a "Datuk" businessman in Melaka & has fled the country after he was released on police bail pending a DNA test.

His DNA sample matched the DNA found on the victim.


6 yrs later, fugitive Shahril Jaafar returned from his hideout in Australia.  He was detained by our intelligent police at KLIA upon arriving from Perth on Jan 17.

Chee Gaik Yap's father highly praised our police force.

Shahril was charged with the murder on Feb 1.


It took 7 yrs since Chee Gaik Yap's brutal death & most Malaysians might have already moved on, forgotten justice for the victim.

Yesterday (Jun 25), Shahril Jaafar was acquitted of the murder charge.

Upon hearing the shocking verdict, Chee Gaik Yap's father was inconsolable & attempts to jump off the court building.

My deepest sympathy to the victim's family & no matter how we move on with life, we must not forget. 

When justice is needed, it is never heard in Malaysia.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Women In Our Society Today...

Women are the Victims of increasing Crimes

The increasing crime rates in Malaysia have reached worrying levels in which it is almost everyday, victimization of women are reported in our dailies - not to mention of the unreported cases. 

With the upcoming GE, the public is desperately hoping for effective efforts & actions from our government & police force to eliminate crime in our society, as a measure to  bring down public's fears & win our votes.  However, it just did not happen.  

Women in our country continue to live with growing fears!

Let's Recall - Last year (2012) 's reported Violent crimes against Women

Here are just a few (out of thousands?) reported cases which have caught public's attention & being widely circulated in the cyberspace.

The Curve carpark - 25-year-old Chin Xin-Ci, a Malaysian internet marketer was abducted by two men on a Sunday evening.   

She was loading her shopping bags onto the back seat of her car when she was threatened at knifepoint & being pushed down into the back of her car.  The two abductors (suspected to be Malay & Indian origin) drove her car & one of them began making sexual advances despite her plea to let her go.  

As the car slowed down to move out of the carpark, she managed to fight her way out of the car & narrowly escaping potential rape.  Fortunate to have escaped, she has shared that her ordeal lasted about four minutes but it felt like a long nightmare.

Puchong - 51-year-old female teacher, Teoh Soo Kim was kidnapped, robbed and violently assaulted to the state of coma.

Teoh left for work about 7.30am to pick up her pupil & was abducted by two men on the way.  Police also found out that Teoh’s ATM card was used to make two withdrawals.  The CCTV footage of the bank in Bandar Kinrara, from where Teoh had withdrawn RM1,600, showed four men standing beside her.

Hours later, she was found brutally beaten with fractured skull lying unconscious at Talang oil palm estate in Kuala Selangor.  Her valuables & Proton Saga were missing.

Teoh was warded at Sungai Buloh Hospital with severe head injuries & lapsed into a coma. After going through four operations including brain surgery & even when the doctors were pessimistic of her situation, Teoh managed to regain consciousness two months later.  

She is still traumatized & only remembers that two men got into her car & the moment they kicked her out of her car, they slashed her head a few times with an axe.  Teoh will cry everytime she recalls of the horrifying incident.

Kelana Jaya condo - 28-year-old Sharala Thevi Krishnan, resident of Kelana D’Putera Condominum got assaulted by two men who snatched her handbag & other valuables right in front of her condominium, while its security guard & other residents watched on, showing no signs of wanting to help.

Sharala saw two motorcyclists riding pass her suspiciously & thus, she began running into the compound of her Kelana D'Putera Condominium.  However as she ran, the two pillion riders got hold of her in front of her condominium's guard house.

The security guard & other residents just stood & watched as she screamed for help.  She lost her handbag with all valuables & two gold necklaces.  

Watch the video & judge our society yourself,||||

Valley Megamall carpark - 24-year-old Noorhusna Aisyah, a technical executive was slashed on the head, stabbed in the chest & kicked repeatedly on a Friday at 9.50pm.

Noorhusna was walking towards her parked car when she was being assaulted.  The assailants grabbed her from behind, held a sharp weapon to her neck & pushed her to the ground.  When she screamed, the assailants slashed her head & stabbed into her chest.  Noorhusna put up a fight & was kicked repeatedly by the assailants while she was on the ground.

A witness said the victim was found leaning against a wall with blood gushing from her head.  "The woman was too traumatized & her hands were shaking."  Noorhusna was rushed to UM Medical Centre in ambulance.   She lost her i-Phone, cash, bank cards & identity cards.

Tesco Ampang carpark - Noorlida M. Noor was brutally attacked by a Malay man in broad daylight at 2.50pm on a weekday.

Noorlida was removing a flyer from her windscreen when a man forcibly pushed her into her car & slashed her neck twice.  The assailant then stabbed her neck causing her to bleed profusely.  She fought back & tried shouting but the man pinned her down & warned her "not to be stupid".  Noorlida continued to fight back & honked her car with her right knee when the assailant was trying to shut the car door.  In 2-3 minutes time, the sound of honking attracted a curious lady accompanied by her mid-20s son & the assailant quickly fled the scene.   

Noorlida then drove to lodge a police report & rushed to Gleneagles Hospital for immediate medical treatment.  She was admitted to ICU for close observation.

What about this year, 2013? 

We have not even completed the first quarter of year 2013 yet & news of all kind of horrifying assaults against women have been heard almost daily.

In the second week of March alone, we have came across at least three horrifying news that sparked our fears.

March 11 - A 24-year-old American woman who hailed a taxi near Mutiara Damansara shopping mall was abducted, robbed & gang raped by the taxi driver & his accomplice.  Her ordeal began when the taxi driver picked up his accomplice.  They robbed off her belongings & took her for an 80km terror ride to a house in Sungai Pelek, Sepang.  The Star news reported that the two abductors took turns to rape her there while other sources revealed that she was raped by 15 men.  She managed to free herself the next day & sought help from passers-by.

March 13 - A 40-year-old mother was robbed off cash & brutally raped in a shopping mall's toilet by a foreigner at knife-point, while her 18-year-old son waited outside for her.  On hearing his mother's screams & seeing a man bolting out of the toilet, her son chased the foreigner & overpowered him with shoppers' help.

March 13 - Two Austrian tourists, 50 & 51-year-old, were attacked by a group of assailants at a park in Rawang.  The assailants robbed off their belongings & slashed them as they tried fighting back with Taekwando.  The victims were however overpowered by the assailants. (Reported in Chinese dailies only)

How to protect our loved ones - the vulnerable women?

Some said, crime prevention is a good attempt to reduce victimization & to deter crime.  Yes or No?  Well, we need to be reminded that assailants often target at women because women are generally the more passive & weaker groupThe question is then, how do we change this sexist perception?

Some of the highly recommended ways to prevent crime against women include,
i) Park your car in public places with good lighting
- Most of the reputable shopping malls in Malaysia have provided VIP parking space for single woman driver which is located directly in front of the mall's entrance.  This is in fact, a very good preventive measure.  Credit to all of them!

ii) Do not walk alone
- In most shopping malls, security guards will accompany single woman driver to their parked car upon request.  Please do make use of this service.
- If you have to walk alone under certain circumstances, always stay alert & be aware of your surrounding.  Do not give off a timid impression as this would give green light to the predator!


Our Nation Today

The fact is that in Malaysia today, the criminals are getting bolder in our seemingly lawless country.  I seriously lost count of how many video clips (youtubes) I have watched with CCTV footages of women being attacked in broad daylight, mostly in housing areas.

Who do we blame other than the criminals themselves?  Do we blame the victims for being appealing to the criminals?  Do we blame our religion for the unfortunate incident?  Do we blame the authorities for lacking of enforcement & strategies?  Do we blame the media for such horrifying coverages?  Do we blame our neighbors for not coming to our aid?  Or do we blame ourselves for not running to help the victims in fighting back the assailants?

I do question.  How many of us do not mind chasing snatch thieves for a victim unrelated to us?  How many of us would help to fight the assailants if they are armed with weapons?  How many of us would go & check our neighbor's house immediately if their alarm goes off?  How many of us would get out of our car to stop motorcyclist who just smashed the window of another stationary car?  And how many of us would care to stop & help after a road accident?  

Of course, I have seen a few kind & helpful Malaysians, but they are definitely from the minority group.  It is sad & unfortunate that, our social problems have indirectly contributed to the rise of bold criminals & most of these bold criminals are still roaming freely looking for targetsWho can we count on to track down these criminals & eliminate them?  Why does the public have to live with growing fears while the criminals are living boldly in our country as if it is lawless?  Why do we hear violent crimes so common these days & most of the assailants remain uncaught?

While some would choose to pray for safety, some others would opt not to carry handbags & some others would seriously consider migrating, what we must be united to do is to VOTE for an EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCER & bring an end to public's fear.  The choice for a change lies in your hand.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Busy preparing for CNY

It has been 2 never-ending weeks since we started preparing for the upcoming CNY which falls on this Sunday, 10 Feb.

As exciting as many for the long festive break,  we were totally overjoyed with CNY shopping since weeks ago!  And in this entire week, my hubby & I were extremely worn-out with the spring cleaning of our nest :p  It's definitely very tiresome for my perfectionist hubby who always make it a dust-free home to welcome CNY :)

After all, CNY is never complete without shopping, cleaning & decorations!

The real Headache

The most important element of CNY celebration is no other than the Reunion Dinner on the eve.  This is the biggest event involving every family member from young to old, an all-in-the-family affair.

And, the real headache is having to decide what meal is best to be served for this special occasion!  It can range from just a simple dinner to a hassle-free takeaways or dine-out to a luxurious dinner together.

And trust me, it does not matter whichever range your Reunion Dinner falls in so long as everyone in your family take part & play their own role in making the dinner a success!  That's the beauty of it :)

Wishing all a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

I might not have time to make any new post from tomorrow onwards due to the busy CNY visitation culture.  In addition, my hubby & I would be traveling for Valentine's Day celebration :p

Therefore, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese readers A Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!  May the Year of the Snake brings everyone good health, good luck & much happiness throughout the year ;)

To the non-Chinese, Happy Holidays & have great fun!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Missing boy William Yau is found - May little William R.I.P.

Did you read the missing boy news?

We were having our usual family dinner on Sat, Jan 19 & my MIL asked me, "Did you read the news about the missing boy?". 

I raised my eyebrows as she continued, "The 6yrs old boy was left in the car with his 2 other siblings while his parents went shopping at an electrical appliance shop nearby.  When the parents came back, they did not realize the boy was not in the car & drove off.  When they realized their second son was not in the car, they quickly turned back to the electrical shop but failed to find their son.  He was missing already - must have been abducted by someone!  Where got such parents one?!!"  Sigh.

Main coverage in every local news

The missing boy's news quickly became the headlines in all local news.  He is 6 yrs old William Yau, second son of the parents of three.

It was said that the couple, aged 26 & 32 yrs old, have left their 3 children (7yrs old eldest son, William & one-year old daughter) locked in the car with windows down, while they went to an electrical shop at about few meters away to look for washing machine on Wed, Jan 16.

According to the eldest son who is also the only eye-witness of William's last whereabouts, their one-year old sister began crying not long after the parents have left the car.  Therefore, William decided to get out of the car to look for their parents.

Their parents came back 15minutes later & noticed William was missing.  

The search for William

Our police force diligently began the search for William Yau at several locations in and around Putra Heights where William went missing, with the help from MCA & Rela's volunteers & members of the public.  However,  nobody in the area has  seen William after he got down from the car.

William's parents claimed that William was clad in yellow t-shirt & has a scar on his head from earlier injury.  Aside to this piece of information, the search for William was almost clueless.  CCTV recordings obtained from the electrical shop & restaurant near the shop have no footage of William at all.

A RM20,000 reward has thus been offered to anyone with valid information on William's whereabouts but the search remains futile.  

The only new lead that ever emerged was the call from a woman claiming that she has seen a strange "foreign-looking woman" carrying a Chinese little boy who could have been William in Segambut Dalam.  It ended up as another wild goose chase for the police.

The mysterious disappearance of William has raised questions & concerns from Malaysians of all walks of life.  We are all alarmed & outraged by another missing child's case; Nurin's tragic death is still an open wound to many of us today.  

On Jan 23, a Netherlands-based IT company has put up another RM50,000 to increase the reward to RM70,000.  William's mysterious dissappearance has greatly affected our nation.  

William is found

The search for William finally come to an end on Jan 24 when two fishermen found a dead body floating near their boat in Port Klang's jetty.  

It was the dead body of a local boy about 6-7yrs old wearing yellow t-shirt with injury mark on the head.  Police could not tell whether it's an old or new head injury, but did not rule out the possibility that the dead body got hit  by boat while floating in the river. 

The body was highly decomposed & his eye-balls were even missing.  Based on the decomposition level, the boy was believed to have been dead in the water for a week before the body was found.  No child has been reported missing in that area.

Initial investigation revealed that the dead body has many old injuries; no new injuries have been found to suggest foul play.  The cause of the boy's death is still unknown & the case has been classified as "sudden death".  

William's parents have then been called to identify the dead body & the mother managed to recognize William's scar on the head, underwear & shorts.  

DNA test result this morning has also confirmed that the dead body was of  William's. Full post-mortem results will be out in 2 weeks time.

Mystery surround William's case

William's dead body was found 30km away from Putra Heights where William was claimed missing.  One of the highly speculated possibility on how William could have been flushed into Klang river in a week was through a storm drain in Kampung Bukit Lanchong which was just 3km away from where William was last seen.

While there were plenty of old injuries found on his dead body including fractured legs suggesting of long-term physical abuse, there were no new injuries found to suggest foul play of his death.

What are the chances that, 

i) William was abducted without struggle, killed without injuries & disposed into the river on the very same night he was reported missing?  
His level of decomposition has suggested that he was dead in the water for a week before his body was found.  William was reported missing in the evening of Jan 16 & his dead body was found in the evening of Jan 24.  If the prediction is right, William could have been dead on Jan 15, 16 or 17.

ii) Instead of finding his parents at the electrical shop which was just few meters away, William wandered off 3km away to Kampung Bukit Lanchong & accidentally fell into the storm drain that linked to Klang river, as speculated?
Residents in the village have claimed that it's impossible for William to enter the village without anyone seeing him.  And, if he indeed fell into the storm drain, his body would have been seen or caught by the fishermen as it is a popular fishing spot in the village.  Latest evidence this afternoon has also ruled out this possibility because log booms & waste traps have been installed along the river from the speculated point.  The body would have been caught up in the traps!

iii) In the evening of Jan 16, William's parents did not realize that he wasn't in the car & drove off.  They only realized that their second son was missing after 15 minutes of driving. 
How many parents would make such mistake esp when there's only 3 kids in the car?  Why did the eldest son of 7yrs old did not inform his parents earlier that William has left the car?

iv) There is basically no eye-witness & no CCTV footage catching William in Putra Heights on the day he went missing.  The only eye-witness is his brother of 7yrs old.
The car was parked just a few meters away from the electrical shop & it wasn't a quiet evening, BUT nobody & no CCTV recording in the area had actually seen William after he left the car?


i) William's grandparents & uncles finally spoke out after the dead body was found on Jan 24.  They suspected that William's case is not an ordinary missing child case.   They claimed that years ago when they saw William, William had clear scars on his hands, legs, forehead, eyes, butt and deep bruises too.

ii) Just few days before the dead body was found, an anonymous close friend of William's family has posted on Facebook saying that she believed William's missing is related to his family.  According to her, William has been abused over the years because the couple felt that William has brought bad luck to his father's business.  

iii) In contrary, neighbors of the family have claimed that the parents are good people & always watch over their children.

iv) (Update on Jan 29)  William's paternal grandmother has revealed that his son was abusive towards William in the past.  She had even witnessed him slamming William's head against the wall.
Grandmother not informed of the cremation - breakdown pleading to hug William for one last time

v) (Update on Jan 29)  A staff of On King electrical shop has claimed that the disappearance of William had created a scene at his shop on Jan 16.  His staffs & the public nearby immediately stopped their work to search for William, BUT William's dad was seen smoking beside his car without helping to look for his own son.  William's mom initially joined them in the search but not long after, she returned to sit inside her car.

Dear Malaysia police force & all parties involved, we are counting on you to find out the truth & return justice to William Yau.  

~May little William R.I.P.~

Credit to pictures from our local dailies.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Our 1st pet, Pinkxie

Pinkxie's arrival 

It was in June 2012.  My hubby & I were in town shopping for our dear friend, Jo's Birthday & the idea of getting Jo a pet struck us.  We visited a few pet shops & decided to get Jo a small pet since dogs are prohibited in her high rise building.

As we shopped along, my hubby revealed that other than Siberian Husky, he has always wanted to own a hedgehog aka Sonic.  So, he was quick to suggest buying Jo a hedgehog.  I laughed it off since hedgehog is not smart & I don't see anything special in it.  I wanted to get Jo a manageable, lovely & clean pet.

It was then, my hubby & I came across sugar gliders in the pet shop.  We find them amazingly adorable & decided to read more about sugar gliders.  We went home that weekend & studied all about keeping suggies as pet - their behavior, maintenance & nature.  We were both pretty amused by this little bonding animal & decided to keep it as our companion before owning a dog in future.

Little baby
Few days later, we bought a female joey of 3months old from a local breeder as our very own 1st pet.  How did we pick our little joey from the rest?  Well firstly, we wanted a female joey with tiny pouch because I don't want a bald suggie when the male reaches maturity months later.  Secondly, we don't want a crabber & our joey did not crab much when being handled by the seller.  And lastly, I wanted a timid joey so that she won't climb onto my head & freaked me out!  

On our way home, I have named our joey Pinkxie with my hubby's approval.  And in case you are wondering how on earth did I pick the name?  Oh well, yes!  I do fancy pinky stuffs & quick to notice Pinkxie's adorable pinky nose & pinky digits :p

A long 1st night for us

We didn't sleep much on Pinkxie's 1st night.  Nope, even though we were both very excited with her addition, that would not have made us sleepless.  We were in fact a little uneasy to have her inside our room as if someone was watching us as we sleep & to complicate matters, Pinkxie was crying the whole night!  Everytime we went near her cage trying to soothe her, she would hid herself inside her pouch like we were predators or something.  And when we distanced ourselves, she would crawled out of her pouch & started making all sorts of noises crying for help!  She must be feeling totally lost & lonely.  It was a very long night for all 3 of us.

Bonding is never easy 

In the early weeks with Pinkxie, I completely relied on my hubby to get the bonding job done since I am easily freaked out by unfriendly animals.  

What I did best was to place our scented fleece pieces inside her pouch & around her cage daily, hehe.  

Worn clothes all over her cage
My hubby put in a lot of efforts trying to gain little Pinkxie's trust, but it was never easy.  

There were many times when my hubby thought he has successfully formed the bond with Pinkxie but he was so wrong.  Even though Pinkxie did sleep in his palm & did chew the apple being hand-fed by him, she was not at any step closer to my hubby. 

At almost anytime, Pinkxie would just crabbed & even pounced at my hubby unexpectedly.  It was a very intimidating warning & was far worse for my dejected hubby.

NOT-TO-DO list

We did a lot of silly mistakes in the early stage.  There was a time when my hubby was holding Pinkxie & he started blowing softly at Pinkxie's tiny face like how he usually blow at Toffee (my parents' dog) & Shenee (my sister's cat), but that actually frightened poor Pinkxie & she began crabbing at him endlessly.

Oh dear, look at her dirty & messy tail!

There was another time when my hubby was worried of Pinkxie's poor grooming skill since her tail was always stained with her poo & we have no idea how to help her out since she doesn't really welcome us.  So, we took her to see Dr. Jenny at Hand N Paws Veterinary Clinic for a check-up.  Dr. Jenny wet & cleaned Pinkxie's tail but that has terrified Pinkxie badly.  Suggies are never too fond of being wet after all.  

In the very same night, Pinkxie was showing signs of depression - refused to go back into her pouch, refused to feed on apple & rejected our presence.  Our visit to the vet must have broken her faith in human completely.  Sigh! 

Through sun & rain

In normal days, Pinkxie is esp moody in early morning before we set off to work around 7.15am.  She would crab to shoo us off & even pounce at my hubby if he insist to say Hello to her.  Sometimes in the act of defence, she would even bite my hubby's finger that draw blood.  How heart wrenching!
Ready to fight

I continued encouraging my dejected hubby to spend every few hours a day to hold & pat Pinkxie from inside her pouch.  Patience & consistency are the key to a successful bonding relationship.  But I guess, Pinkxie's biting must have really hurt my hubby's pride as he began hesitating every time I told him to do bonding with Pinkxie.  And slowly, I myself started to gather courage to begin bonding with Pinkxie.

Yogurt drop
Bugsy's HPW Complete

In almost two months time, Pinkxie finally picked on the treats we hand-fed her.  Aside to her favorite yogurt drops, she simply can't resist Bugsy's HPW Complete - these are the 2 items worth our investment & 40minutes drive to Pet Shack@Sunway. 

Our dear Pinkxie is very timid in nature & therefore, she spends most of her time inside her pouch as long as lights are on or whispers are heard.  When it is quiet at night with lights off, that's when she would crawl out of her pouch willingly.  If she ever feels interrupted when she is out of her pouch feeding on the mixed fruits & veges served, she would immediately stop eating & run back into her pouch.  Hence, we have to be really quiet & slow in movement if we wish to watch her chewing away her dinner :)

Everytime after we changed her pouch, cleaned her cage or even mopped our room's floor, Pinkxie would act strangely and it would take about 1-2 days before she gets familiarized with the changes. She would even crab cluelessly whenever there is smell of fragrance.  Natural smell is always the best trick for suggies.

We did a lot of online studies to understand Pinkxie better including how to trim her poking nails without having to go to the vet.  We are getting pretty good at managing Pinkxie except for her uncontrolled bowels.  She would just pee & poo at us at anytime.  Suggies can't be potty trained - that is something we have to really get used to...

Pinkxie & her unique sounds

Pinkxie Pinkxie... is such an amazing marsupial animal.  She would always poke her cute little head out of her pouch to peep at us & secure the surrounding, before coming out for any activities.  If we pay enough attention, we would be able to hear a short hissing sound every time just before Pinkxie comes out.  I presume that's her grooming sound & she always grooms herself as soon as she's awake.  I love it to watch her grooming herself - such a lovely sight! 

Other than the hissing sound, Pinkxie usually barks at wee hours in most of the nights.  Her barking (or more like puppy's yelping) is very adorable in the beginning but as time goes by, it became quite disturbing.  I guess there's only about 3 peaceful nights for me in a week while my hubby gets quality sleep almost everynight.  He is an amazing sleeper!  Perhaps, we might get Pinkxie a cage-mate to play with in future.  I do not want her to bark away the lonely nights.  It's pitiful.
And if we're lucky enough, we would get to hear her purring as we sayang her while she sleeps in our palm.  It is not often heard but is very delightful :)

Not giving up

Cleaned cage
It has been 6 months+ by now.  Crabbing is no longer often heard & sometimes, not even heard for weeks.  Even if she does crab, I would not shiver nor runaway like I used to.  I have adapted to Pinkxie better while my hubby is slacking off most of the time.  But I won't complain much since he is still the one who cleans her cage weekly :)

Our Pinkxie is not the bonding type I must say.  She loves it when we hand-feed her, but, that's it!  She would run back to her pouch at every opportunity after treats are given.  My hubby often blamed it at me for picking a timid suggie who is not friendly in nature.  No matter what, Pinkxie is still our beloved little family member ;) 

We are still working on a stronger relationship with Pinkxie.  We have taken her outstation once with us to Ipoh & my mom had a shock when Pinkxie crabbed at her!  Pinkxie did not behave at her best that time but I felt it was a big progress for all of us already.  It's a pity that we can't bring her overseas since pets are not allowed on board.  Thankfully, my hubby's sis has been helping us to feed Pinkxie timely during our absence.

Well, we would not give up our dream to achieve a strong bonding with Pinkxie.  We are hopeful that there will be a day when we call out to her name & she would happily hop onto our shoulder!  It would be the most rewarding experience :D  My hubby is still waiting for the day to train Pinkxie to glide, hehe.

Wish us best of luck with Pinkxie!