Monday, April 21, 2014

South Korean ferry tragic disaster - Who to be blamed?

The death toll rises to 61 today with almost 240 people, most of them high school students, are still missing.  As my hubby & I discussed over this tragic disaster, I can't help but feeling emotionally disturbed.

And I questioned like many others,
Should ferry Captain Lee Joon Seok was in the steering room during the time of the accident, could the accident possibly be prevented?

And had the captain requested all the passengers to evacuate the ferry instead of staying put inside the ship, would the survival rates be improved tremendously?

What if Deputy Headmaster Mr. Kang had not insisted on the school trip?  Had the accident involving about 300 high school students' lives would not have taken place?

While authorities are still busy pointing fingers & grieving families are still desperately looking for signs & hopes out of the slim chance...  The captain has been charged with abandoning his boat, negligence, causing bodily injury, not seeking rescue from other ships and violating "seamen's law.  Surprisingly, the captain did not feel at wrong & had defended his decision to-date.

And Mr. Kang who was rescued together with 75 students had chosen to end his own life with a note saying that "Surviving alone is too painful while 200 remain unaccounted for.  I take full responsibility. I pushed ahead with the school trip"  In fact, he was under heavy pressure from the day being rescued & could not possibly cope with it.

Well personally, what I deem unforgivable is the captain's instruction to have requested all the passengers to stay put in the deck while he abandoned the capsized ship with his crews & was among the earliest to be rescued...

Dear captain, it is so disturbing seeing you as the sea captain & you have in fact abandoned your sinking vessel with all the passengers as you escaped with your crews.  While nobody has hoped that you fulfilled your oath as the captain who goes down with the ship, you should have at least informed the passengers of the real danger & guided them on the escape route.  You have failed all their trust & respect in you as the captain.  And most of them will never get a second chance to learn to defy a sea captain's instruction anymore.  Your selfishness have cost over 200 lives!

Dear Deputy Headmaster, while it is understandable that you have been under heavy pressure & are not able to live with the unbearable guilt, please do "RIP".  To many including me, it was never your fault to begin with.  It was a tragic accident that has been handled very poorly from the start by the authorities.

If only & if only.............

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