Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Malaysians must not forget!

Hi Malaysians,

How many of us still remember Chee Gaik Yap - the rape victim of a brutal murder in Sungai Petani? 

Now, please allow me to help refresh your memory...


On Jan 16, 25 yrs old Chee Gaik Yap went jogging in the neighborhood with her sister & little did she know that she would end up being abducted, raped & brutally murdered in a fine evening.

The suspect , Shahril Jaafar, 31 yrs old was among several individuals rounded up for investigations on Mar 1. 

Shahril is the son of a "Datuk" businessman in Melaka & has fled the country after he was released on police bail pending a DNA test.

His DNA sample matched the DNA found on the victim.


6 yrs later, fugitive Shahril Jaafar returned from his hideout in Australia.  He was detained by our intelligent police at KLIA upon arriving from Perth on Jan 17.

Chee Gaik Yap's father highly praised our police force.

Shahril was charged with the murder on Feb 1.


It took 7 yrs since Chee Gaik Yap's brutal death & most Malaysians might have already moved on, forgotten justice for the victim.

Yesterday (Jun 25), Shahril Jaafar was acquitted of the murder charge.

Upon hearing the shocking verdict, Chee Gaik Yap's father was inconsolable & attempts to jump off the court building.

My deepest sympathy to the victim's family & no matter how we move on with life, we must not forget. 

When justice is needed, it is never heard in Malaysia.

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