Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Being pregnant & delivering my lil miracle..

Being pregnant, is something I never thought of even after marriage.  And yet, it's indeed one of the most beautiful journey in life for every married couple. 

39weeks of pregnancy

I'm truly lucky & thankful that despite all the horrifying stories we have often heard about, I have a very smooth pregnancy.  My only challenges were my borderline gestational diabetes & also the prominent stretchmarks on my big tummy since 37weeks.  Well, it's certainly something every lady would fear about but I'm living with the marks already!

And of course, being the paranoid me (+ after what I have been through), my hubby simply will never forget how I used to bug him every day & night to monitor my little one's heartbeats & kicks. Haha

Those were the days... Thank you to all of you who have been part of my pregnancy journey!  You all have made my days with all your invaluable advice, sharing, encouragements, tips, craps, bullshits & in whatever ways you have reached to me!  I won't forget all the privileges given by strangers at the toilets - thank you ladies!

And oh well, the biggest credit definitely goes to my extremely patient, loving & caring hubby as always!  Muacks !!!

When labour calls

It's still vividly clear in my mind.  I woke up that night around 2.30am with the urge to go toilet but nothing was released.  Then I went back to bed but couldn't sleep & had to go toilet again & again for a dreadful one to two hours.  I sensed something was not right & I knew it must be the time.  I looked at my hubby who was sleeping soundly & I decided to wait for more signs.  Not long later, I saw red spots & I jumped on my hubby to wake him up.  He gave me a deep look & asked, "Bb, shall we wait or?.. Ok no, let's get ready to the hospital".

It was 4.30am & we were ready - had our breakfast at home, final check on my hospital bag & I was busy climbing staircase to stimulate my contraction - it was regular & getting stronger.

In the car as we headed to the hospital, my hubby held on to my hands tightly & asked if I'm ready.  I wasn't sure what to think of that time.. but I knew we were both very very excited as we can't wait any longer to meet our little miracle :)

Waiting in labour room

We reached hospital around 6am & my hubby contacted everyone in our important list - parents, of course.  My vagina opening has dilated about 4cm at 7am with very consistent, rapid & strong contractions.  My gynae advised me to take epidural but I rejected the idea promptly (guess I was trying to act smart?).

My hubby stood by myside giving me all the moral support & reminding me of what we've learnt in the prenatal class - take a deep breath, hold it & blow 3 times loudly. Repeat over & over again.  He ended up getting scolding from me over & over again whenever I get to rest at every interval, LOL.

Oh please!  Trust me.  Forget about all that.  Just go for epidural & it makes your life (+ hubby's) so much easier! Everyone's contraction is different & if yours is rapid & strong, why do you wanna act like a superwoman?  Just opt for epidural & enjoy the waiting process.  I screamed for epidural by 11am, haha.

By 4pm, I had a mild fever & midwife checked my vagina opening.  The dilation was about 9cm & she contacted my gynae who was already on the way.  I looked at the midwives & nurses who were all very busy preparing the instruments & equipment.

My mind was totally blank at that time... This is it !!

The battle - Push, Push & Push

My gynae arrived shortly & gave me a big thumb up.  She then behaved in her casual self as she began working with her team of 2-3 midwives on my normal delivery.  It was a very casual yet spiritual & lively atmosphere in the labour room.  I wasn't thinking at all other than entrusting everything onto my gynae & her team.

My hubby?  Well, he was anxiously pinching my arms & thighs everytime when I was busy pushing, pushing & pushing!  And he kept yelling at me when he saw our baby's hair coming out. 

Yes, we will never never forget every moment during the battle with the dedicated team.  Thank you for everything, Dr. Yap! (yes, including how you've threatened to use vacuum if I still don't push out my lil boy by 5pm! hehe)

Hello lil Adrian !

At 5.02pm, our lil miracle was borned - he was crying aloud as he made his entrance into our world & pooping at the very same time, naughty lil boy! Hehe  My hubby was stunned in amazement until my gynae had to call him a few times to get back to his senses & cut the umbilical cord for us, LOL.

And at the very next moment, I was already embracing our lil prince & latching him on.  My hubby was gazing at our lil prince all the time - it feels like dream comes true for both of us....  It was just too beautiful!

Lil Adrian will always be our biggest blessing in life!

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